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3. Voivod - Target Earth

I must admit that I am no big fan of Voivod. I have enjoyed some of their releases, but they never struck me as a band that I would enjoy. I decided to test out Target Earth and see if my opinion would change. Well.... it wasn't only my decision as a lot of my friends were hyping this album up SO MUCH, making it sound like a masterpiece, I was expecting a lot more, and boy, was I let down. It's not that the album sucks, I am sure some people who like this style think this album is great, it just has no redeeming factor for me, and comes off as quite bland. Again, not saying it sucks, I was just expecting a lot more from the feedback it was getting. To be fair, I am listening to this album as I am typing this, and it sounds better than it did the first couple times I tried listening to it. Anyway, I am sure it is a great album, but definitely not for John The Drummer.
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