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Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
They certainly are on this European leg.

I know people assume Ozz can't sing anything after Volume 4 properly, but to be honest, the stuff on Volume 4 was just as high as the SBS and Sabotage stuff. All he's done with those songs is sing them in a lower key. I see no reason why he can't adjust the others in the same way.

Although frankly, given how I've now twice in a row at Sabbath shows been surrounded by people who have no idea what Snowblind and Into The Void are, let alone Under The Sun and Behind The Wall of Sleep, I can see why they're leaving that stuff out.

Just like in London, most people thought this set went:

War Pigs
(some stuff)
Iron Man
(some stuff)

In terms of changes next year, I think all we can expect is maybe something like Sweet Leaf gets back in. Personally, I'd go nuts for Never Say Die, Hole In The Sky, Symptom of The Universe, Shock Wave, Lord of This World, Supernaut, Wicked World, Psycho Man, Hand of Doom, A National Acrobat, Tomorrow's Dream, Spiral Architect, Johnny Blade, or After Forever, but it's just not going to happen.

To be honest, I'm amazed they've persisted with some of the ones they've kept. In the current set, that run from Into The Void through Age of Reason kills the crowd. It's probably my favourite part of the set, but people who go to these big shows just don't know the songs
Ah, I see your point. That's a shame, kind of like how all the tools are voting the same old Metallica songs into the set when they have a chance to create something really cool and unique. Oh well, if it's a good show, it's a good show. I'd love to hear something like A National Acrobat or Megalomania though!
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