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Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post

22. Sylosis - Monolith

I had been (unintentionally) ignoring this technical death metal outfit from Reading, Berkshire, UK for several years until hearing this album. After listening to about five minutes' worth, I finally realized that I had been missing out on a great band. Other than throwing in a nice bit of thrash now and then, which certainly isn't a new idea, these guys really don't blaze any new ground in the world of death metal (which can be a rather stale sub-genre these days), but somehow their near-perfect combination of tone and atmospherics, joined with excellent musicianship, great song structure and maybe a few other intangible ingredients that I just can't seem to put my finger on right now add up to a very compelling sound. I certainly won't be overlooking Sylosis any longer.
Glad to see this record getting some love, made my top 5 last year and I felt it was wildly under-appreciated. I also slept on them for years but decided to finally check them out because they had an opening slot on Lamb of God's tour and boy I'm glad that I did, these guys fucking slay.
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