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6. Warbringer
November 3
The Opera House

I know this looks crazy ranking Warbringer above Overkill, but I think it's fair in this case. Overall, I'm a bigger Overkill fan, but The Electric Age was not my thing, and I was psyched about the new Warbringer release. Also, Warbringer were much better this time than the first time I saw them, so this was a satisfying performance. It's funny because at the time I really disliked "The Turning of the Gears" and it was noticeable how much less everyone enjoyed that song, but now I love that track.

5. Firewind
February 9
The Mod Club

Firewind is one of many bands that I absolutely love and had to wait a long time to see. Although it was announced that Apollo was no longer in the band for this tour, it actually didn't make a ton of difference because I was right in front of Gus' amp and could mainly only hear him. Normally, bad sound will annoy me, which I why I hang back, but Gus and Firewind are that good that they'll still make the top half of my list. Gus is truly a special guitar player, and I'd love to see them again, and headline.
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