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Five Albums That Were Good, But Just Aren't My Thing, Man
  • Ahab - The Giant (I'm picky about funeral doom - only a small number of albums in the genre really turn me on, and this one just didn't)
  • Behold...The Arctopus - Horrorscension (awesome musicianship and songwriting, but utterly boring to me)
  • Dawnbringer - Into the Lair of the Sun God (I damn near liked this, but just couldn't get myself to choose it for continued listening over the other albums in 2012)
  • Old Man Gloom - NO (I love the output of the various members of this band, but this album just did nothing for me at all)
  • Psycroptic - The Inherited Repression (these guys are talented as well, but their stuff just seems so stale to me these days - it all sounds the same)
Apologies to the fans of these albums, but as the title of this sub-list suggests, I stipulate that the albums in question were very good examples of what they aim to be, but they just didn't trip my trigger for whatever reason like they did for other listeners in 2012. I kinda wish a few of them had, but as the saying goes, there's no accounting for taste.
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