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Originally Posted by rjturtle9 View Post
Yeah, but the odds of Cesaro being main event material by then aren't all too great, so we will take what we can get. Besides, Punk vs Bryan at Mania has the potential of being the greatest wrestling match in Wrestlemania history. Them two would put on great matches against each other all the time.
I'm not asking for Cesaro/Bryan in an iron man match at mania, nor am I expecting it to happen that soon. But if the WWE does decide at some point in the near future to do that kind of match, those are the best two guys they have to do it with.

I'm not sure if Punk/Bryan would be the greatest match in wrestlemania history considering they would somehow have to top wrestlemania 20's main event. I'm sure Punk would turn it on again and put on a great match but it's obvious to anyone watching that he's slowed down a bit since summerslam. He's still good in the ring but he's not the same CM Punk in there right now. Bryan, on the other hand has gone to a whole new level.

Originally Posted by Sinister_Chalupa666 View Post
Front page of yahoo had pictures of Styles and headline said "WWE should pounce on rare opportunity"

Just thought that was cool to see on the front page of yahoo.
That's cool it's on yahoo but as I said before, the WWE will not sign Styles.

The reasons why they won't:

The WWE fans do not know who he is. There wouldn't be this huge pop or debut of any kind if the decided to bring him to the main roster right away.

He'll be 37 next year and while he's still a very good worker, he's getting a little passed his prime now.

If he goes down to NXT, he might be pushing 40 before he gets called up to the main roster.

There's already another AJ in the WWE, so he would have to change his name.

The big tattoo on the right side of his body that says "AJ" with his kids birthdates under that would have to be covered up. So his ring gear will change to a singlet or something like what MVP wore.

Neither of them need each other. The WWE has already got performers both on the main roster and in NXT who can fill the same roll Styles would.

Finally, Styles can make some solid money doing indy shows across North America and can easily get work in both Japan and Mexico. He can make a good living still and be his own boss for the rest of his career.
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