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Bout to show off a huge regional bias with these next few.

5.) Enabler - Flies

Enabler seems to slowly be moving away from their metal infused hardcore sound that was apparent on "All Hail the Void" to the more straight up crust punk sound mixed with an almost emotive hardcore (a la Defeater) of this EP (and the last). Even if I don't like the change in direction as much, I still can't deny that no matter what genre they're playing, they can still make a damn good record. The EP ends with a damn impressive cover of Sepultura's "Arise" that is Enabler perfectly crafting the song to their sound.

Enabler - Arise
Only song I could find on Youtube.

4.) Harm's Way - Blinded

The last time I saw Harm's Way, the vocalist (imagine a gigantic, buff, behemoth of a man) was wearing an Entombed back patch on a jean jacket. That's pretty much exactly what this EP sounds like. Tough guy hardcore played with HM-2s to emulate Swedish death metal. Some of the heaviest hardcore you'll ever hear.

Frontal Lobe
Mind Control

3.) Nucleus - The Colony

Death metal done in the vein of Demilich, Obituary or Incantation with a sci-fi twist featuring MetalSetlists' own GarageMetal268. If you want some quality Old School Death Metal then look no further. "Biopsy" is definitely in the running for "Best Death Metal Song of the Year."

Echoes From the Abyss

2.) Enabler - Shift of Redemption

The first of two EPs by Enabler this year and the more melodic of the two. It sounds like Enabler were channeling some post-hardcore influence when writing this.

Shift of Redemption
Live Low/Sacrifice (A good quality live version since Youtube didn't have anything better.)

1.) Smash Potater - In Buffet There Is No Law

Smash Potater top my EP list for the second year in a row. This time with a slightly different approach to the almost crossover sound of their last EP. This EP takes an almost death metal approach to thrash. The song "Dude, I'm Wearing My Glasses!!!" wins audio sample of the century as well. Also, all of you take a minute to appreciate the beauty of that artwork.

Dude, I'm Wearing My Glasses!!!
11/21 Deceased
11/27 King Diamond
11/28 Terror and Cross Examination
12/4 Harm's Way
12/5 Graveyard ?
12/13 ACxDC
12/26 Macabre

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