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4. Vreid - Welcome Farewell

I was thinking of calling it a night.... but fuck that hippie shit, lets keep the ball rolling with my number four (and remember, not in any order) album of the year, Welcome Farewell by Sognametal titans, VREID! For those that do not know, Vreid is the post-Windir band of Steingrim, Sture, Hvall and Strom (the main guys of Windir, sans Valfar, RIP) and their latest album shows A LOT of maturity in their writing. It definitely isn't as energetic as, say, Kraft or I Krig, but in my eyes can definitely be put side by side with those two and still sound great! It has that (IMO) more toned down feeling that V had, but with a little more energy. I honestly would have put this one out after Milorg if I were writing the music and could control time, but I can't . This may not be my most favorite album by them, but it stood out among all the other releases of this year! Now hopefully they bring the Sogna Brigade Tour to the States

Check it out!
The Reap -
Welcome Farewell -
Dalla Nebbia

Funeral Age

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