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3. Sodom - Epitome of Torture

Would it be too much if I say this is the best Thrash Metal album of the last few years? Well, probably, but as for 2013, this album just took it over. I never was a huge fan of Sodom, I loved Agent Orange (honestly though, how can't you?), and was a fair weather fan of them when I'd hear something good, but Epitome of Torture made me WANT to get into the rest of their catalog. The vocal patterns, the melodies, they energy, it's all here in a perfect little German snack for everyone to enjoy! There are even some elements on this album that may make non-Thrash metal fans enjoy this album. To sum this up, I was not expecting much at all, I strongly felt they were well past their prime, but this album lit a fire under their arses and put them back on the Thrash Titan throne, right where they belong!

Check it out!
Into the Skies of War -
Epitome of Torture -
Dalla Nebbia

Funeral Age

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