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2. Inquinok - Dimension of I

A band I am not expecting a lot... or any for that matter... of you to know. Inquinok is a Symphonic Black Metal band from here in Seattle, WA, and their third full length release, Dimension of I is without a doubt their strongest release to date! Calling this album "Emperor Worship" is not a stretch at all as you can hear the melodies and drum beats and vocal patterns that Ihsahn would definitely come up with. The first time I heard this album I was stunned, simply stunned. It sounds natural and fluent, yet progressive and energetic at the same time! This album is a great album to check out if you are a fan Emperor, (good) Dimmu Borgir, and other Symphonic Norwegian Black Metal bands. It's surprising this album was recorded by only 2 guys (with a guest guitarist at times) as it sounds HUGE and epic.

Check it out!
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