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As I have posted on here numerous times, I am not the kind of person that really digs too deep with bands. I tend to stick to bands I am comfortable with or bands that are referred to me from trustworthy sources, so I do not have a HUGE knowledge of every underground Black Metal/Thrash/Folk/etc band that releases an EP in only a 7" format limited to 24 copies... plus I don't have much free time to really explore the vast amount of amazing bands available to me. That being said, let us start off with.....

***these are not in any certain order, just the albums that stood out to me the most***

1. Finntroll - Blodsvept

What better way of introducing a top 5 list than to start off with one of my favorite Folk Metal albums of the year, Blodsvept by Finntroll! It's definitely not an album for every body, and takes a lighter and MUCH more fun tone than their prior release, Nifelvind did. Blodsvept has that goofy Finntroll sound that you either love or hate, but also their Dark Trollish sound that they are known for. I wasn't sure if I would like this album, but it took me by surprise and got me doin some jigs in my van while driving home from work! It's too bad they didn't make my top 5 LIVE bands list.... they just missed out to a band that opened for them........ (OMG A CLUE). Anyway, for those of you into FUN music and goofy stuff, check this album out, or don't.... either way, I HIGHLY enjoyed it!

Check it out!
Dalla Nebbia

Funeral Age

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