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10.) Axeslasher - Anthology of Terror, Vol. 1

I first heard of these Denver locals after seeing this shirt for sale online and knew I had to check them out. Axeslasher takes an obvious influence from bands such as Ghoul and Frightmare with their death/thrash sound and horror themed lyrics. It can get a bit monotonous after a bit, but still a damn good start for this band. Also, they end the EP with a Kreayshawn cover and that's hilarious.

Woodland Tortuary
Gucci Gucci

9.) Young and in the Way/Withdrawal split

I'm just going to include this with the EPs. This split features two of the most visceral tracks that Young and In the Way have ever released. The tracks border on straight up raw black metal as opposed to their usual blackened crust sound. The last half of the track "Vaticide" is probably the prime example of where their crust influence bleeds through the black metal assault. On the flip side of the split is a trio of pretty standard hardcore tracks from Withdrawal. While not nearly as intense as the YAITW side, Withdrawal still holds their own. Withdrawal bring their own brand of pissed off, thrashy hardcore with vocals that remind me of Leviathan-era Mastodon.

Young and in the Way - Vaticide
Withdrawal - Human Garbage Existence Disease

8.) Grayceon - Pearl and the End of Days

A very awesome blend of melodic cello music, sludgy riffs and faster (almost thrashy?) parts. The vocals of Jackie Perez Gratz are almost haunting at times and compliment the cello part so well. In my opinion, these are probably two of the best songs that Grayceon have ever recorded.


7.) Black Tusk - Tend No Wounds

As always Black Tusk delivers the groovy, sludge riffs tinged with a faster, almost hardcore, edge. This might be my favorite work from them yet. Really summoning their inner-Kylesa with this one. "The Weak and the Wise" is a damn near perfect song.

The Weak and the Wise
Truth Untold

6.) Ghoul - Intermediate Level Hard-Core

A covers EP focusing on "lesser known" '80s hardcore punk. Ghoul keeps pretty true to the original arrangements while still maintaining their death metal sound which makes for an insanely entertaining listen. The highlight of this EP is definitely the cover of Blow Up the Embassy by one of my favorite hardcore bands, Fearless Iranians From Hell.

Can't find any other songs on Youtube.

Hopefully I'll throw the rest up when I wake up if I have time.
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