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Denver Black Sky -- Denver, CO -- December 14th, 2013

Sorry for being the asshole that posts a review with half set lists, but I felt I had to review this show.

I flew out to Denver for what turned out to probably be the best birthday weekend of my life at the Denver Black Sky festival. I got to the venue a little before four to catch the first band I wanted to see, Denver locals, Axeslasher. As Axeslasher starts playing, a guy with a metal rod pierced through a bunch of skin on his back is hoisted above the pit by said rod and kind of just watches the pit for the entire set. It was pretty crazy. Anyway, Axeslasher took more from Ghoul than just musical influence as they also wore masks while performing and spray the crowd with a bunch of fake blood from a severed head. Really great performance and one of the best of the day.

Axeslasher set included:

Woodland Tortuary
The Axeslasher
Order of the Coven
Gimme Gimme Gimme (Black Flag cover)

Here's a picture I found on their Facebook of the guy since my pictures were shit (Although I did get a pretty cool video of the dude spinning around above the pit):

Almost immediately after, also Denver locals, Call of the Void started playing on the main stage and played a pretty damn good set despite the drum sound being really off. Apparently they're recording a new album since they played a
handful of new songs.

Call of the Void set list included:

Napalm Lungs
I Hope You Two Fuck

Next up was another local band, Vimana who played some coherent and rather interesting tech death. Not bad for the only band I haven't heard of that I saw there. Apparently they have past/present members of Cephalic Carnage,
Swashbuckle and Veil of Pnath.

Mammoth Grinder came up next and was the first non-local band to play. They were definitely one of the highlights of the day. Just a really tight live band. One of the top 3 bands of the day for sure.

Mammoth Grinder set included:


Another local, Primitive Man, the side project (main project now?) of Ethan from Clinging to the Trees of a Forest Fire and new guitarist/vocalist of Withered, came on next. I was looking forward to them and they were great at first, but got kinda boring towards the end of their set. Heavy as fuck though.

Power Trip came up next and the place just exploded with energy! The crowd reaction was only moderate before these guys came on, but when they hit the stage, the pit got going in full force and there were stage dives aplenty.
Definitely tied with Skinless for best band of the night.

Power Trip set included:

Manifest Decimation
Conditioned to Death

Iron Reagan started immediately after and the circle pits only got bigger for them. They were damn good and it more than made up for having to miss their Chicago show a couple weeks ago. I'm pretty sure their set was the same as the California set from last week except they obviously didn't play Debt Collector twice, but I'm just going to post what I know.

Iron Reagan set included:

Hail to the Chief (over the loudspeaker)
Drop the GUn
Cycle of Violence
Debt Collector
I Ripped That Testament a New Asshole (Instrumental)
Skull Full of Maggots (Cannibal Corpse cover)
Eat Shit and Live

I ended up missng the first part of Speedwolf's set to run to the gas station to grab food, but what I saw was just as great as when I saw them at MDF earlier this year. The hometown crowd was really giving it their all for them and there were probably more Speedwolf shirts in the crowd than any other band.

Speedwolf set included:

I Am the Demon
Denver 666

Weekend Nachos came on and crushed the place as per usual, but the crowd didn't seem to fully be into them which was unfortunate. Their drummer played the entire set wearing a jock strap, blindfold and ballgag. This was also my fourth time seeing Weekend Nachos in the last 2 months.

Weekend Nachos set included:

Shot in the Head
Black Earth
For Life
Hometown Hero
The Fine Art of Bullshit
No Idols & No Heroes
Jock Powerviolence

Skinless was absolutely phenomenal and the best band of the night. The crowd reaction was insane for them. Constant stage dives and violent pits. Apparently their current vocalist, Sherwood Webber set this whole fest up and he coudln't have looked happier to be playing it. During the last song, he had like a hundred people come up on stage for a free beer and then stage dive. They also had a dude with a GoPro on his head stage diving a bunch and filming the set which was cool. Hope to see that footage sometime soon. The highlight of the set for me though was them playing Tampon Lollipops WITH the intro sample included.

Skinless set included:

Tampon Lollipops
Extermination of My Filthy Species
The Optimist
Crispy Kids

I watched Exhumed's set from the balcony since I wasn't too excited for them because I'd seen them a bunch and didn't really like their new album. They still put on a damn good show though. That thing the guitarist does for the solo where he plays dead and the chainsaw guy tries to defibrillate him and then finally gives him a beer bong to revive him was really entertaining. TOny Foresta of Iron Reagan came out and did the last song with them which was either the Negative Approach cover from the split or possibly just the outro of As Hammer to Anvil. They also invited some twelve year old kid on stage during the set to do his first stage dive which was pretty cool.

Exhumed set included:

Coins Upon the Eyes
Limb From Limb
Guitar solo
As Hammer to Anvil
Ready to Fight (Negative Approach cover) ?

Ghoul came on a were really fucking good despite having some electrical problems or something. Their stage banter is just perfect and flawlessly ties-in to the songs. During Rise, Killbot, Rise!, the chainsaw guy came out to fight Killbot and it was fucking hilarious. They played their cover of Blow Up the Embassy and that was probably the single song highlight of the day. Definitely one of the best bands of the day.

Ghoul set included:

Blow Up the Embassy
Rise, Killbot, Rise!
Gutbucket Blues
As Your Casket Closes

This was like my sixth time seeing Dying Fetus, but my first in a little over two years and they were still just as good as I remember. I was pretty exhausted by the time they came on, so I blurred in and out of their set though.

Dying Fetus set included:

From Womb to Waste
Your Treachery Will Die With You
One Shot, One Kill
Grotesque Impalement
Kill Your Mother/Rape Your Dog
Pissing in the Mainstream

Overall, all the bands were great. There wasn't a weak spot on the lineup. Totally worth the trip. Would've been a perfect weekend had I not have missed my flight from Denver on Sunday due to a stupid shuttle bus company and had to stay an extra night in Denver.
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