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Originally Posted by Wrecking Crew View Post
Doh, I missed this thread for a few months and have to chime in. I agree with you about Among the Living not being as great as is often thought. I loved the hell out of it back in '87 but find myself not listening to it or Anthrax at all really these days, I just don't think it's interesting enough to stand up over time. I maintain as do others that Overkill should always have been considered part of the big 4 in place of Anthrax.

I think you rated the Legacy too high, IMO The New Order was Testament's high point. And I presume you are getting to Pleasures of the Flesh, for me Exodus' high point and one of the best releases of 1987. And I can't believe I keep forgetting to get Overkill's older albums, I really need to get Taking Over. Also I hated Voivod's album, maybe it's time I give it another chance though.
I was already thinking I may have rated Legacy a little too high... I may have to go back and revise it... although I do think it's Testament's high point, not The New Order!

I'll definitely be getting to Pleasures of the Flesh, and I would recommend revisiting Killing Technology. I didn't like it years ago, and still didn't like it on my first listen upon revisiting it, but it kind of wormed its way into my brain -- quality, if not weird-sounding stuff.
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