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Originally Posted by Litany View Post
1. Kingmaker
2. High Speed Dirt
3. Rattlehead :') :') :') :')
4. Devil's Island

Megadeth performed on the Jimmy Kimmel show, with Kingmaker being performed on TV. Also, I was doing the Frank Mullen "handchop" on live TV when Jimmy introduced the band.

The band sounded great, Dave sounding good as usual of late too. "Tornado of Souls" was supposed to be on the set but for whatever reason was cut. ABSOLUTELY no complaints from me. When he introduced "Rattlehead", I literally fell down in shock and joy. If it weren't for the packed parking lot of fans in front of me "holding" my fall, I would have eaten dirt. My favorite Megadeth song and one of my favorite songs of all time. Tears of joy included. Moshpit was insane for the last 2 songs. My 7th Megadeth show and one of the best moments of my life....
Haha i saw that! That Suffocation shirt caught my attention immediately.
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