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Yeah it pissed me off that megadeth had such a bad sound (especially during Blackmail The Universe) and also that there was almost no crowd reaction (I blame this on Dream Theater because they have some of the most retarted fans in the world) Symphony X had a great sound though. Their set was (I think):
Inferno (Unleash The Fire)
Sea Of Lies
Of Sins and Shadows

Wicked was the best one I thought.

'Deth still put on a great show, despite the poor sound and crowd reaction . But overall I prefered last Novembers Megadeth show (General Admission, duh!).

Edit: I don't like Dream Theater so I dont really know their set, except at the end. They actually started getting cool at the end. The last three things of their set were

Drum Solo
As I Am
Pull Me Under/Metropolis

I liked those parts (except for pull me under which sucks, but metropolis is cool! )
As I Am was good. The drum solo was the best becuase Portnoy and some guy from the Howard Stern Show just started jamming on a bunch of kick ass metal songs like Welcome Home by King Diamond, Where Eagles Dare and Run To The Hills by guess who, and Raining BLOODDDD!!! I thought it kicked ass. Especially when Portnoy grabbed the mic and screamed "GRANDMAAAAA!!!"
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