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Wrote this up for another forum, figured I'd post here too

Boston MA

So me and my buds got to the venue around 1pm, since doors opened at 4:30 and we had nothing else to do. We wound up being the first people there. At one point I ended up taking a loop around the block in order to locate some food/coffee and ran into Adam D hauling some gear down the road. Ended up going ďAdam deeeeeeĒ, he just said whatís up and we both kept going our separate ways. Would have asked for a pic or something but the dude looked like he was freezing and I didnít want to be a dick. Ended up locating my coffee and getting back in line. Had to stand through 3 hours of constant people asking if we had extra tickets since the show was sold out.

Venue opened up and I copped a center rail spot alongside my friends. Huntress started up and Jillís microphone wasnít turned on until the end of the first song. Saw this band at Mayhem Fest and their show was largely the same; decent musicians but Jill is just goddamn ridiculous. One thing I noticed about their show this time is that their drummer is actually really good. He wound up upstaging everybody else in the band, especially since his kit was right up on the edge of the stage. The mixing was pretty good for them but other than that I was just waiting for them to get off stage.

Next up was Testament. It was my first time seeing them and I have to say I was pretty pumped. They put on a great show but for reasons unknown the mixing was utter shit. I could barely hear Chuck the entire time and Alexís guitar was pretty muted to me. I was confused because the House of Blues has always been spot on with the mixing with every other band Iíve seen there. Seeing Gene Hoglan destroy that kit in person was glorious. They wound up cutting DNR from their set which sort of pissed me off but oh well.

This was my first time seeing Killswitch since MayhemFest 2009, which was my first ever metal show and I had no idea who they were. They wound up being one of my first metal bands and Iíve been waiting to see them again ever since. It pissed me off that I couldnít see them on the AOJB anniversary tour since itís my favorite album by them. Thankfully the venueís mixing was back up to par for KSE and they put on a great fucking show. Setlist was a great mix of old and new material, and Jesse is one of the most charismatic frontmen in metal. I think somebody else already said it, but the crowd sing-along on The End of Heartache was chilling. The only time Iíve heard a louder response was probably both times Iíve seen Chevelle at Lupoís. Wound up getting both a drumstick and a setlist. I gave the setlist to my friend since heís a gigantic KSE fan and I already had the drumstick, but the drumstick ended up falling out of the car at some point so itís gone. Great show though.

Last band was Lamb of God. This was my third time seeing them in a span of one year, and was the best performance Iíve seen from them yet. The fill-in bassist did a great job, and Randy had a level of energy Iíve never seen from him. I donít know if itís because it was a sold-out show, but Randy was on fucking fire. He was belting out lines that he usually has left to the crowd for the past few years, and was moving spastically the whole damn set. The highlight of the entire show was Vigil, which really should be a set staple for the band. Wound up jumping off the rail and into the pit during the song, and promptly got straight up trampled by the circle pit. As in legitimately trampled, I have no idea how I got back up or how I didnít break anything, but Iím not complaining. Hung out in the pit for the rest of the set and led the charge during Black Label. Left that pit with bloody knuckles.

Couldnít move the entire next day. So successful show.

Huntress 4/10
Testament 7/10
Killswitch Engage 9/10
Lamb of God 9/10
10/22 - Gojira/Tesseract
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