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Spiner's Year-End Review

I plan to unveil my top 10 on my blog on December 31st, but for the fine folks at Metalsetlists, there will be an early sneak peak at entries 30-11 on the list, along with the most disappointing releases, most overhyped/overrated albums, and best and most disappointing live bands I saw in 2013.

We begin with the most disappointing bands seen this year. There were a few bad bands I saw this year (Stolen Babies being the worst), but this very very short list consists of bands I was excited to see that disappointed.

Most Disappointing Live Bands of 2013

2. Flotsam & Jetsam: F&J did put on a decent show, but unfortunately the old material was clearly so much better than the new stuff that it kind of sucked they just didn't play the first album in full. This is the kind of band you really only need to see once, even if you like their studio material a lot.

1. Testament: Testament already holds my record for worst live performance ever, but they redeemed themselves when I saw them last year. This time, however, they once again let me down. Firstly, I will appreciate that Chuck was sick, but it's not fair to play a shortened set on the night Overkill drops off the tour when their setlists are already stale and they didn't say anything about it or offer refunds.

With that out of the way, we move on to their terrible sound. While not as bad as it was at Heavy TO, Testament's sound was still pretty pathetic. The playing was top-notch (other than Chuck's performance), but it doesn't matter if it sounds bad. This will be the last time I see Testament unless they get on another really killer tour, but even then, I would need to go for the other bands.

Up next will be the top 10 bands of the year!
11/26 - Dragonforce
12/5 - Phantom
12/17 - Havok
1/13 - Enforcer, Warbringer, Cauldron, Exmortus
2/27 - Sacrifice
3/4 - Voivod, Vektor
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