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Originally Posted by Coma323 View Post
I Appear Missing was on the setlist the past two nights but just not played. I'd rather hear that over Little Sister and Make it Wit Chu...
I mean, I wasn't AS bummed about "I Appear Missing" as I was for "In the Fade." I saw them at the secret Brooklyn show they did earlier this year, and they played "Clockwork" in its entirety plus "Millionaire," "No One Knows," and "A Song for the Dead." But, when the full version of "Missing" came out this year, it became an immediate classic, to me, so I would've happily subbed ANY song in that set for either "Fade," or "Missing."

But, oh well. Unless Homme gets bed-ridden for another 2 years, I'm sure they'll be back with a new set.
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