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Originally Posted by TheWildAndTheYoung View Post
If you fell asleep before Legolas then you really missed out on the best action scenes of the movie.

And adam being the Tolkien fanatic that I am I checked the timelines and Aragorn was exactly ten years old the year that the quest took place.So yea he would be a kid, and would also be under Elrond's care because his father died when he was two.And the song I believe your talking about is I See Fire.
The Lord of the Rings wiki has a picture of a hound Aragorn from what looks like a movie but it doesn't say where it came from exactly. It has me curious.

That song was the perfect way to end such an exhausting movie.

So now my next question for you, Smaugs last line "I am fire, I am death", was that from the book?
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