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30 Seconds To Mars -- Rosemont, IL -- December 11th, 2013

My mom and I drove down to Rosemont (near Chicago) from the Milwaukee area to the Q87.7 The Night We Stole Christmas event as I had wanted to see Queens Of The Stone Age and 30 Seconds To Mars live for a long while. This is my review of the whole gig as I wrote down all the setlists when I was at the show.

Grouplove (6:31-6:59)-
I'm With You
Itchin' On A Photograph
Shark Attack
Tongue Tied
Ways To Go

^ Grouplove were my favorite band of the night, besides Queens Of The Stone Age and 30 Seconds To Mars (the reasons I went to this show). I guess the way I would describe them would be as a summer indie-pop band. Nothing really deep, but a fun band to listen to and watch. They put a lot of energy into their show. I ended up also seeing them the following night in Milwaukee which was even better (review of that event will be up soon).

Alt-J (7:21-7:49)-
Something Good
Ripe & Ruin
Dissolve Me

^ If I had to pick, Alt-J would be my least favorite band of the night, although they were still enjoyable. They are an indie band with very unique influences, almost at times Caribbean sounding. I also saw them the following night in Milwaukee (review of that event will be up soon).

Foals (8:10-8:39)-
My Number
Spanish Sahara
Red Socks Pugie

^ Foals are a catchy indie-rock band with some funk influences on their latest albums Holy Fire. They started out with more math-rock influences which lessened considerably on their last two albums. They put on an awesome set. I also got to see them live again two days later in Milwaukee (review of that event will be up soon).

Queens Of The Stone Age (9:02-9:48)-
Feel Good Hit Of The Summer
No One Knows
My God Is The Sun
If I Had A Tail
Little Sister
Make It Wit Chu
I Sat By The Ocean
Sick Sick Sick
Go With The Flow
A Song For The Dead

^ Finally, the band I wanted to see the most and the best band of the night in my opinion. Queens Of The Stone Age rocked so hard. Josh Homme seemed to be having a good time and gave a mini-speech about how music is vital and brings people together. I wish they would have got a little longer to play, but beggars can't be choosers, I'm just glad I finally got to see them live.

30 Seconds To Mars (10:11-11:14)-
Night Of The Hunter
Search And Destroy
Do Or Die
City Of Angels
The Kill (acoustic)
Stay (Rihanna cover)
Closer To The Edge
Kings And Queens
Up In The Air

^ The final band of the night and a close second favorite for me. Jared Leto stopped the band during the middle of Search And Destroy to get the audience to participate more. At that point he said the floor was a bit empty (since many people left after Queens Of The Stone Age) and invited people down from their seats to help fill up more space on the floor, if they were brave enough. I'm not a big fan of the floor being 5'5, needless to say I stayed in my seat. They put on a great set, but I felt with the time allotted the Rihanna cover wasn't the best choice setlist wise. I would have much rather seen them play This Is War.

I bought a Queens Of The Stone Age shirt and a Q87.7 The Night We Stole Christmas shirt at the show. All in all it was a great night.
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