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Originally Posted by detuned View Post
what, the floor sections?

was my first time there, aside from the bathrooms being way too fucking small, it seemed fine for an arena.

cutting off beer sales at 9:30 was a bit strange, but irrelevant to me.
Yeah, their floor sections are retarded. It was the same setup for the BlackDiamondSkye show and the Zombie/Manson show that ended up getting cancelled for no reason & moved to frigging Glens Falls, NY.

Wasn't aware of the beer cutoff time.

The first time I went there was in 2009 for the annual Comics Come Home benefit show. I had stage right loge seats about 10 rows back. As soon as I sat down, I was pissed at how small the seats were. Granted I'm a big dude (6'2", 270), I have zero complaints about the seats at the Garden, Verizon or Tsongas. The cupholders on the armrests were scraping my sides the entire time.
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