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Originally Posted by EvilCheeseWedge View Post
I'm surprised you even have time for Black Sabbath. Shouldn't you still be shoving Queensryche down our throats?

Yeah, Ozzy's goofy, but I think most people would agree it's an enjoyable, lovable sort of goofy. I mean, for fuck's sake, it's a modern scientific marvel that guy is alive, let alone able to stand up, let alone able to breathe, let alone even being able to speak or sing. Yet, he gets up there on stage, and it looks like he has an amazing god damn time. When I saw Sabbath in the summer it was obvious he can't sing like he used to. I mean, that's just a given. And it's obvious to him too. In some respects, he's almost a cheerleader for the rest of the band. And is that so bad? I love the way he gets on stage and literally bows in front of Tony Iommi. Or points to Tony and calls him "iron man."

I love that he enjoys himself. I love that he gets up there every time and instead of acting like a pompous entitled rockstar he constantly thanks the audience for letting him be there.

And he can still sing well enough to be more than enjoyable for most people.

And fuck you for even using the word retard, frankly. <3

When you're sixty five fucking years old, if you rock half as hard as Ozzy does, I'll eat my words. But my guess is: You don't even rock half that hard right now.
If you wanna see a retard on stage, see Justin Bieber.

Besides, I equally hate these kind of comments than those who only see Sabbath as Ozzy's backing band.
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