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It's hard to say what was useful or not in this film to the development of the story, because the third one has yet to be released and we don't know which way they are going. It drives me bat shit that they bumped the release date from July back to December 2014 again, this one year thing is ludicrous. For LOTR, ok maybe, but this is a different model and make, and I feel the overall interest and bombast for this one is slightly lower, so let's just get on with it already.

It's not the greatest movie on god's green earth and never will be, but I'm not going to act all nutty and pretend like some of the plots are the greatest offense mankind has ever seen.

The dark/sinister parts always resonate with me, I connect with them instantly.

Could I have done without some parts, sure. Do I think the LOTR films so far are far yes. But it's ok, I'm enjoying the new scenery, the new adaptations, the new characters. I'm treating these films as a supplement to the LOTR movies...simply there to add some depth. Almost like a good opening band would be at a concert, it's there to add something to the main event.

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