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I'm can't believe I'm going to say this and I'm probably in the minority but I didn't like the new Hobbit as much as the first one.

What I did like; the action was great. Legolas and Tauriel's fight scenes were great. They were really the only times I even noticed the 3D. I didn't mind Tauriel at all. The love triangle thing could have an interesting ending considering which Dwarves die (in the book anyway). And the last part with Smaug was great. I really liked how they made his voice menacing but also understandable. He was just a cool, well-done character.

What I didn't like; the added in bits seemed more added in this time. They really could've cut, well, everything with Sauron and the Orcs and made it two movies instead of three. I'm not hating on the fact that they added so much, it was just to obvious to me. I remember Beorn having a much larger role in the book. His inclusion seemed pointless, even more pointless than Tom Bambadil. But, I'm sure a badass skin-changer will have a bigger part in the third movie. And I don't remember the book too well but Thorin got pretty dark a few times and I can't remember that from the book.

And then there's that ending, which was just a piss-off. It'll be really interesting to see how the third movie pans out since I remember Smaugs attack being in the last few chapters of the books. But there's a lot of other loose ends to tie-up. Just none of them are in the books.

I think the biggest reason that I didn't like it as much was that I had nine years of anticipation for the first one and only a year for this one. And my expectations were so high for this one that I was bound to be disappointed. Maybe disappointed isn't the word, because I still really enjoyed it. And the lack of Frodo really hurt it.

I'll give it an eight out of ten.
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