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I have to agree again and not be so purist about all this, I never was though even with LOTR. Especially because I don't remember the book much, I'm not a good reader and I don't ever remember any book because I take 6 months to finish a small book, I'm a slow ass.

Those types of endings are apparently not Peter Jackson's thing, but I'm glad it ended like that even though I really REALLY don't want to wait another year to finish this story.

Before I went to the theater last night I spent 3 hours watching the first one again to refresh my memory, since I hadn't seen it since I went last year. Boy I'm glad I did that...transitioning seamlessly from 1st to 2nd was a good idea and really helped me jump right in.

I could go on and on blathering about LOTR and Hobbit, as long as someone wants to go on about with me, I'm game.
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