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Originally Posted by Maideneer View Post
I totally agree...and since it's the only movie I've seen in theaters this year, I doubly agree!

Too bad Legolas isn't in the Hobbit books at all, and Tauriel is simply is a made-up character out of thin air. All is forgiven though, that movie rocked. Honestly, I didn't want it to end, I wished it was 7 hours long, I could have pulled it off no sweat.
I don't get the people that are hating on Tauriel (not saying you are), I mean if you think about it she could have easily just been one of the wood-elves not named in the book.Legolas was obviously added in to attract more appeal, but who cares, he could of also easily been at Mirkwood when Bilbo was there, Tolkien just didn't name him, and I think it's an awesome chance for another great LOTR character to make a return.And what and ending! Everybody in the theater said 'No' almost at the same time right before it did.

The one thing I hate though is the people out there who are saying 'To much was changed from the books'.WHO FREAKIN' CARES! It is a book aimed for children, they gotta change it up some to make it to appeal to everyone.Most people who don't like the movies are purists that want them EXACTLY like the books, and since they are somewhat different they just choose to not like them, and not even acknowledge that some of the changes and additions are actually good.
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