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Originally Posted by leglessmoof View Post
Robert Plant sounds great for his age.
They couldn't even make him sound good by spending five years trying to get the LZ reunion recording right!

But anyway, it all depends on your reference point. If the only time you've seen Priest in recent years was the 2005 tour, then you're not going to agree Halford sounds great for his age, because he sounded absolutely horrible on that tour. But if you saw them on the tour after that, you know he got better.

Similarly it depends on how many reference points you have. Ozzy, I saw him in '07 and he sounded terrible. 2011 and he sounded terrible.

But in 2012 great, and 2013 #1 great. If 2013 #2 and 2014 also end up being great, then I'm sticking with those reference points as they're both more recent, and greater in number.

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