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High on Fire -- San Francisco, CA -- December 11th, 2013

Just getting around to a quick review since I'm knee deep in finals, and the tour will be complete in a few hours.

Sadly I had to rush to the city and made it just as Kvelertak was starting, if they weren't playing I probably wouldn't have gone. They sounded killer, but there wasn't as much energy as I was expecting since the crowd was pretty weak until the end of their set; for those of you who have been to the Regency it was less full than what it usually looks like for the opening band. This was one of those in between'ers that would've been an easy sellout at Slims but a little to small to fill the Regency. Anywho, things picked up as the crowd warmed up and Kvelertak got a nice ovation at the end of their 45 minute set.

This was somewhere around my 15th High on Fire show, so I don't expect anything less than a slaughter. I can't really recall anything other than great performances other than ones that were just too short. No difference this time. Great song selection, Razor Hoof, Hessian and Fireface are some of my favorites. Only complaint is that it was over in about an hour.

Spring fra livet
Bruane Brenn
Evig Vandrar

High on Fire
Fertile Green
Razor Hoof
Fury Whip
Madness of an Architect
Cometh Down Hessian
Eyes and Teeth
Rumors of War
Serums of Liao
Slave the Hive
Snakes for the Divine
6/2 Baroness
7/7 Intronaut
7/30 Big Business
8/5 Y&T
9/15 Black Sabbath
10/7 Gojira
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