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Originally Posted by Maideneer View Post
It's not even a requirement that the candidate knows or even likes WWE, guys and gals who write for Seinfeld and Friends are the brains behind all this.
I'm guessing it's the people who wrote for Friends because the WWE is about as dull as that show was. At least if the Seinfeld writers were coming up with stuff the WWE would be worth watching. It is pretty sad though that the WWE usually hires out of work TV writers to come up with a lot of their stuff. That's why NXT is booked better than RAW and Smackdown. Dusty Rhodes and Triple H are in charge there.

I guess the story with the Wyatts wanting Bryan to join is a bit weird. But since when have the Wyatts not been weird? If they want to expand the Wyatt family there's a few guys in NXT they could probably call up to fill the roles.
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