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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
It's $54.99 if you want it in HD

Bryan won't join the Wyatts. He's the most over face on the roster right now and the turn makes zero sense. Heel turns are always better and believable when there's a good motive behind it. Bryan gains nothing from joining the Wyatts. The only reason they brought it up is to add some intrigue to the storyline. Without that, it's just three guys beating the crap out of somebody. They needed to add something else to make it worth watching and Bryan possibly joining them is it.

They could force the heel turn but the fans will never by it. Bryan would be a face again by wrestlemania. Besides, why would the WWE want to turn him since it would just end up putting a huge dent in his merch sales? Bryan is money right now.
I think you're giving too much credit to the writing team. Remember this is the WWE we're talking about. Ever look at a job description for Raw or SmackDown writer when they post it on their careers webpage? It's not even a requirement that the candidate knows or even likes WWE, guys and gals who write for Seinfeld and Friends are the brains behind all this. They wouldn't know a German suplex from an armbar.

If they are trying to create intrigue with these minor occurrences of Husky Harris appearing on the screen once an episode, it's really not doing the trick and no one really cares or is really buying it anyway. It would be more plausible if they were seeking someone like Heath Slater who is total backwoods even though no one cares about him anyway. I just think it's a complete stretch to want people to believe DB is a potential candidate for the Wyatt's.

I don't think it's adding anything to the story, it's just sorta weird.
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