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Suicidal Tendencies -- Tulsa, OK -- December 10th, 2013

After waiting for so long to see Suicidal I finally got to see them and I would say it was kinda worth the wait, but a little underwhelming. Me & my friend walked in when The Inspector Cluzo had already started. Honestly I don't know what to think of them. They were interesting, just a 2 piece band, 1 guitarist and 1 drummer. To me they seemed out of place but they were over pretty well with the crowd. I would probably atleast give them a shot live if I had the chance.

Trash Talk was next. They were pretty entertaining. Their singer spent pretty much their whole set out in the pit area in the crowd. There was some of their stuff that was pretty good and some I cared for less. I'm sure having to see them with a guardrail and about a 2 foot space between the stage and rail probably isn't the best way to see them. I found them kinda meh, just normal hardcore stuff I've heard tons of times before, but they were kinda fun.

Next us was Terror. I think this was the 4th or 5th time I've seen them They are probably my favorite hardcore band. As usual they didn't disappoint. This was the most unusual performance I've seen from them. As I had said before, there was atleast a 2' gap between rail and stage. As usual Scott was telling everybody his stage is our stage. Security either did not get what he meant or wasn't listening. By probably the 3rd song, kid jumps out of the crowd to get on stage and he's tackled immediately by security. Within seconds Scott and the bass player jump off the stage and haul ass over to where the kid was in headlock. The huge linebacker sized black guy with the Suicidal crew went down there and had quite the talk with the security guard. From then on security let them do whatever they wanted. Scott did the right thing to diffuse the situation. It could have turned ugly into one of those things where they call security all kinds of names and turns it into a security vs the crowd and makes everybody more hostile. But he diffused that situation pretty quickly which I found really awesome. Honestly w/ the shit w/ Randy from LOG I figured stage diving w/ such a gap would be a no no. But they still did it. And it looked painful. There were so many kids who have the white guy jumping abilities and would jump and would hit knees, hips, ankles and in one instance a guys chest on the rails. Security, who were standing right in front of me, just laughed and smiled while it happened. You could hear an audible "ohhhh" when someone hit that rail, and it had to have happened 2 dozen times in their set. As usual, Terror was Terror. I'm pretty sure the Terror set hasn't changed much this year. Only thing that was added was Push It Away which he said they hadn't played for a long time. Even though looking at that would have been a whole month ago but that song kills so I won't complain. Outside of that I know they played all these songs, I'm just not sure of the order. Great time as usual seeing Terror. Just like everybody else, I wish they would switch their set up because they have been playing this same set for awhile. Couldn't find a better support band for Suicidal.

Your Enemies Are Mine
Live by the Code
Spit My Rage
Stick Tight
Hard Lessons
Push It Away
One With the Underdogs
Return to Strength
You're Caught
Out of My Face
Keep Your Mouth Shut
Keepers of the Faith

First time seeing Suicidal so I will probably be a little more generous with my impressions of this show compared to others who got to see them in the 90s (lucky bastards). First thing I was impressed with, holy shit is that bad energetic. The stage looks like a speedway, nobody ever seemed to stand still for more than a few seconds. I guess I didn't figure there was gonna be that kind of energy, especially Mike. I'm usually good at getting pictures but I might have got like 3 good pics of Mike, he wouldn't stay still, he was running the entire time. I'm also loving how they make some of those songs more funky than the original. It was also cool how they allowed like 30 people on stage for Possessed To Skate & Pledge Your Allegiance. But there are still some of the same complaints. Mike needs to cut out the Dr. Phil shit. I'm getting life advice from Mike like I'm getting political advice from Dave Mustaine. I can't believe we couldn't even get an encore. I looked on their FB and for some reason they went on at 10:15 when just about every other show where doors opened at 7, they went on at 10 which cost us a song or 2 as well which pisses me off a little bit. There is just so much material to choose from. That blows that I heard as many songs from Freedumb (1) as I did from Lights...Camera & from How Can I Laugh? Is there anybody out there that wants this? There were disappointments but it was really nice getting to finally see ST.

You Can't Bring Me Down
Smash It!
War Inside My Head
Slam City
Possessed to Skate
I Saw Your Mommy
Cyco Style
Who's Afraid?
How Will I Laugh Tomorrow If I Can't Smile Today
Pledge Your Allegiance

I might have missed one but they only played probably 70-75 mins so this might be dead on.

Link To Album
3/5 - Dope
6/6 - Morbid Angel
7/11 - Iron Maiden
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