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Welp, been a few months since I've updated this bad boy, so for those of you that enjoy reading, here ya go with some updates!

We opened for Morbid Angel last month, and it was crazy awesome. The crowd was nuts, so loud and energetic, and we sold out of a lot of our merch . I was watching the video back, and there was a person or two up in the bar booing us throughout our whole set... kinda funny . Anyway, here are a few videos from that show!

We Want Blood

Lives For An Eye

Full Set

So now that that show is over with we are taking a short break. I am working on recording for my 2 other bands, and then we should be back in full force by the end of January to finish writing for our next album!

In other news, we have a small advertisement in the latest issue of Singapore's "Heavy Metal Tribune" magazine. Pretty awesome, my friend from there hooked us up with it and paid for the ad . We are on page 15, near the end.
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