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Viking/Folk Metal

The Most Dancable Black Metal Album of All Time.
Sometimes there is an album out there that tugs on your heartstrings and brings some form of rapturous joy. Enter Equilibrium. This German metal band makes me damned happy for some reason. The folk elements bring to life such a level of cinematic epicness that it is hard not to grin. Prolog Auf Erden opens the album with something that I believe could be played in tandem to the charge scene in the movie Braveheart (except instead of English and Scottish, the band is of German tongue.) The 16 minute epic Mana, is one of the most moving instrumental metal tracks of all time in my honest opinion. While the riffs are solid, they are not the most technical but in all honesty the folk elements make this album shine and work with the overall album in perfection.

This album gives me an 80 minute escape from reality and puts me in a place where my serotonin depleted brain can experience some form of musical ecstasy. I feel content when I listen to this album.
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