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Lets get this shit done.
NUMBER 2. Canadians first.

UneXpecT-In a Flesh Aquarium
ADD Metal

UneXpect is a band that is inept at being pigeonholed into a single genre category. UneXpecT consisted of 7 genius musicians in the recording of their magnum opus In a Flesh Aquarium. The members consist of Female clean vocals, harsh male vocals, guitar players, piano, samples, 9-string bass, drums and violin. This album bleeds technicality and has some of the greatest albeit indubitably random transitions in the genre of metal. Progressive Black metal riffage into a sudden waltz, jazz into electronic, operatic backgrounds with overlaying riffs. This is a perfect album for people who need something constantly changing, musically proficient, and hooky as all hell. Batshit crazy. It is a total mindfuck and pretty much sodomizes any band that is dubbed "strange." This is strange. This is textbook definition of strange. An I will never get enough of it.
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