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91.) Saxon- Sacrifice

One of the most legendary and best Heavy Metal bands to come out of Europe. Saxon came back in a big way this year with Sacrifice. Stellar production and killer songs throughout. The title track is a great anthem for the band. It's everything you'd want in a Saxon album, just simply put an awesome Heavy metal album.


92.) Kalmah- Seventh Swamphony

Melodic Death metal, Thrash Metal and Power Metal all rolled into one. Kalmah knocks it out of the park again with their 7th album. Every song is just as stellar as the next. I would kill to see these guys live.


93.) Light Bearer- Silver Tongue

The second Magnum Opus from this band. Slowly brewing Progressive Doom Metal mixed with Post Rock for good measure. The band and all of their releases surround the story of Lucifer, which religious or not, makes for some killer music. It is nearly guaranteed you will never find another band like this who can make such an ethereal sound so beautiful and haunting all while having the evil haunting sounds of Hell surrounding you. Don't ignore these guys, check them out an enjoy!


94.) Cold Colours- S/T

The newest album from the MN Metal band, Cold Colours. It's doomy, it's Heavy, it's Melodic. It's badass and deserves some real attention. If you can find it, play it and enjoy!


95.) Sepultura- The Mediator Between Head And Hands Must Be The Heart

I have a really hard time getting into anything Post Max Sepultura. This album gets close, closer than they ever have before to me, but it still feels sub par. It's a personal thing, I know. On it's own It is a good album, but not as a Sepultura album.


96.) Killer Dwarfs- Start @ One

Bringing back the spirit of the 80s from their early days, Killer Dawfs are back with their newest album. It is classic 80's Glam Sleaze Rock at it's prime.


97.) Ihsahn- Das Seelenbrechen

Maybe it was just from a lack of being able to properly digest this album as it deserves, but this album is out in left field even for me. Considering what classics After and Eremita are, this is absolutely a strange album that explores everything Ihsahn is about. Maybe in time this will come back to me as a classic but for now, it's disappointing it didn't even reach my top 50.


98.) Orchid- The Mouths Of Madness

Oh yes the evil inspired Sabbath loving Occult Rock. It's becoming a very big thing but Orchid may have the lead above all the rest of these bands. They have the most original sound to them in the genre. In your face Fuzz Rock while staying heavy and badass. this is definitely not a band to overlook.


99.) Dead Letter Circus- The Catalyst Fire

The latest release from one of the finest Australian Prog bands. There is a big debate about which album is better, this or This Is the Warning. I love both albums equally. Both have their hooks that grab into you and don't let go. I hope these guys make it far, they deserve it.


100.) Stratovarius- Nemesis

This could be my favorite Strat album to date. it really feels like the band is firing on all cylinders now, which hasn't been for a long long time. Bravo guys, you finally made it back to the Progressive Power Metal prime that you are known for, now please keep it up!

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