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Fuck it. Here is a three way tie for position 3.

Anaal Nathrakh-The Codex Necro
Blackened Noisegrind

This album screams malevolence, hatred, and misanthropy. I may not listen to this album all the time but when I am having a rough day, this noisey hatefest is my narcotic of choice. Elements of noise (Merzbow anyone?), Grind, and Black metal make this one of the most extreme albums of the 21st century. Anaal Nathrakh is here, and they will end you.
When Humanity is Cancer
Pandemonic Hyperblast

ChThonic-Mirror of Retribution
Taiwanese Melodic Black Metal

Read the genre description. Emphasis on the Taiwanese. The vocalist occaisonally plays a damn Erhu. A very unique and foreign, and extremely melodic take (in regards to the Erhu and keyboards, and riffs, fuck it, its melodic) on Black metal. You can listen to both the English and/or Taiwanese versions. Albeit, if you plan on seeing them live in America they play the English adaptations.
Blooming Blades
Forty-Nine Theurgy Chains

Intronaut-Valley of Smoke
Post/Progressive Metal

FANTASTIC FUCKING SONGS THAT DESERVE ALL CAPS. Dynamics, melodies, technicality, atmosphere, a few polyrhthyms, everything that makes an album monolithic albeit technical AND DIGESTABLE?!??!?! is fucking gold in my book. Fantastic. Honestly, I can't believe I forgot it off my list initially. The bass tone on Elegy is glorious.
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