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Cattle Decapitation-Monolith of Inhumanity
Progressive Deathgrind

While this album is relatively new, This album is balls out heavy as fuck chock full of downtuned riffs and slams, bass lines, drum fills, evil as fuck vocal sounds, dynamics...... What was that? Dynamics in Deathgrind? Fuck yes there are.

The song "Dead Set on Suicide" is an extremely fun track with riffs, a random bass solo, imitation of someone on a noose vocal sounds, and well placed slams/breakdowns.

While many people complain about the "cleans," I find these gargling, blasphemous ravings to be quite fitting within the confines of the album.

Also the aptly titled, Forced Gender Reassignment, is not a metaphor for anything. If you want some controversial NSFW music video you can search the interwebs for it.

Dead Set on Suicide
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