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Agalloch-The Mantle
Post Atmospheric Blackened Doom Folk

Possibly the most spiritual and somber metal album in earthly existence. The tandem combo of A Celebration for the Death of Man.../In the Shadow of Our Pale Companion defines this spirituality not only through thematic lyrical dwellings " Through vast valleys I wander
To the highest peaks
On pathways through a wild forgotten landscape
In search of God, in spite of man
'til the lost forsaken endless
This is where I choose to tread"
but also through the songwriting itself. While, The Mantle in itself is not dubbed "Atmospheric Insert metal genre here" The Mantle is the paradigm example of how atmosphere through musical instrumentation and occasional minimalism can put a human entity in an entirely separate place spiritually.

Nothing I can say can truly give credit to this album. I just hope people will be willing to take the plunge and envelop themselves in Agalloch's Mantle.

In the Shadow of Our Pale Companion
...And the Great Cold Death of the Earth
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