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Nevermore-This Godless Endeavor
Riffs... Need I say more?

Riffs? Check. Odd Time Signatures? Check. (Not that matters. But they are fun.) Vocal range spanning numerous octaves? Check. Songwriting of Superb Proportions? Check. Everything I love about Progressive Metal into one convenient package? Let's add up another check to this bitch. Nevermore, (Like the previously listed, Enslaved) formed in the early 90's and (unlike Enslaved) started writing Facefucking Riffs that showcase how a band can be heavy as all hell while having all clean vocals. (I know too many people who think bands are only heavy if they have breakdowns and squeal like some dying farm animal) Nevermore has never released an album that I have found disappointing, but of the 2000's This Godless Endeavor showcases their capability of writing musical masterpieces the greatest.

This is Modern Heavy Metal at it's finest. No Frills (besides technicality, which is a plus in my book. As the technicality promotes the song writing and is not mindless wankery.) No gimmicks. Just a modern metal masterpiece.
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