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Melodic Death Metal/Extreme Power Metal

Jari (the mastermind behind this album) leaving Ensiferum was a double-edged sword for the metal community, Ensiferum lost a great musician albeit the fantastic Metal outfit dubbed Wintersun was formed in all its sexiness. Sexy riffs of varying tempo, sexy vocals of varying pitch (I enjoy the baritone/tenor cleans of Death and the Healing), sexy songs of steadily increasing length, sexy shredding solos, sexy musical technicality, just sexiness abound. The songwriting is goddamn paramount and fucking metal. Its pretty hard to describe an album that has been described so many times quite honestly. Battle Against Time is truly an underrated song that may reduce brain cells do to excessive amount of brain trauma due to all the headbanging.
Songs are fast, and slow. Both equally glorious

Battle Against Time
Death and the Healing
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