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Progressive Black Metal

Enslaved have an expansive career in the black metal community and has been credited with being part of the infamous 2nd wave black metal scene that was conjured into existence within the confines of primarily Norvvay and other northern European countries. Forming in 1991, Enslaved started as a lo-fi as fuck(see "Yggdrasil"), raw, primal 2nd wave black metal atoned with the "required" screeches, blast beats, and tremolo picking. Since than, the 1990's Enslaved of Black/Viking (Frost, 1994, is still one hell of an album) has adopted a more progressive metal take on their brand of black metal to create a musically artisan artform. Songs such as the eponymous "Ruun" showcase expansive soundscapes that are both soothing and heavy and is chockfull of dynamics and "riffy" goodness. The first riff on the album during the, introduction song "Entroper" is atmospheric....and "rawkin?" 2 types of riffs that usually do not intertwine albeit do so substantially within this album.

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