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Ephel Duath - The Painter's Palette

I love Metal (Look at the site I am on), I Love Jazz (Look at my username), Thus this album is definitely in my bag. Progressive Metal mentality that has made love to Miles Davis esque trumpet sections and occasional hardcore punk brutality and heaviness. They meld together phenomenally and I enjoy it. The album has numerous transitions throughout single songs keeping songs fresh. However my only complaint is that Ephel Duath's magnum opus of songwriting is also their mild downfall due to them realizing they have a formula that works, thus making some of the songs similarly structured with some having an emphasis on the jazz, others on the prog, others on the metal,etc. In spite of this, the album rarely gets old if you are in the mood for something of this nature.

Any fans of Jazz Fusion and Metal making an offspring should suggest me some more bands of said ilk. I is nub.
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