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Nokturnal Mortum - Voice of Steel
Epic Blackened Folk Metal

Nokturnal Mortum's "Voice of Steel" is a stellar example of raw, albeit well produced black metal that has been infected with a numerous Ukrainian and other European folk elements and implications showcased throughout the entirety of the album. The guitar and vocal tone, song structure, and for the lack of a better term, the overall vibe bleeds black metal mentality, alas the overall structure is elevated to gargantuan altitudes of grandeur through the incorporation of European folk-esque melodies, instrumentation, and atmosphere. The duo song combo of Intro/Voice of Steel seamlessly sets up the listener for standard folk elements until being bludgeoned by the raw chugging riff of "Voice of Steel" (song.) Nokturnal Mortum emulates further musical proficiency and grandiose, epic (as a definition; not as the modern bullshit lingo that a 12 year old might say when he tastes his first sip of vodka) through the numerous, differentiating genre infested song dubbed with elements of Black/Folk/Progressive Rock/Ambient/etc.

Nokturnal Mortum truly shines with this album due to the sheer amount of song variations, while in spite being possibly pigeonholed into the genre of Black/Folk Metal (the most obvious genres). Each song has a different mentality into it with multiple levels of groove/rawness/"folkiness"/"dancableness"/The ability for some of the riffs,solos,choruses,folk elements to get stuck in your head, etc. Its hard to suggest a song to check out so I would give the first 3 songs a shot, Voice of Steel - Valkyrie - Ukraine a shot and decide if you want to worship to one of the greatest folk influenced metal albums ever made.

Voice of Steel
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