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Originally Posted by Sinister_Chalupa666 View Post
Holy shit! AJ Styles is walking away from TNA

They cant agree to anything and money is still a issue so he's walking. WWE bound :-?
I read that TNA wanted him to take a pay cut but he wouldn't. I don't blame him, he's been the backbone of the company since it started. He's done all he can in the company really and he can make some really good money in the independents, Japan and Mexico. I wouldn't mind seeing him in ROH either.

I'm not so sure about him being WWE bound. First of all he would have to change his name since the WWE already has an AJ. Second, Styles is 36 years old, by the time he goes down to NXT and waits for them to come up with something to bring him to the main roster he might be waiting another year or so. I know age doesn't matter as long as you can still go in the ring, but I'm not sure Styles wants to be pushing 40 and starting at the bottom again which is what would happen in the WWE. He wouldn't get higher than IC/US title level anyways. I know the WWE midcard needs some serious help but after 11 years with TNA I get the feeling he might be looking to go out and do his own thing in wrestling for a while.
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