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71.) Mygrain- Planetary Breathing

Modern Melodic Death Metal from Finland. A very melodic album compared to the rest of their catalog. A very solid album filled with synth driven hooks and heavy Melodeath moments. Not the most standout album that came out this year, but one that will get overlooked that deserves a fair shot.


72.) Galaktik Cancer Squad- Ghost Light

Progressive Black Metal. While not the greatest band name to come out (I actually find it quite dumb) the music is too good to ignore if you dig Black Metal done with some Prog. It does sound outer spacey and from the future. it's a cool combination when it's done right, and it is done right here.


73.) Ayreon- The Theory Of Everything

Don't get me wrong, I love Ayreon, always have. Every album is awesome in some way, shape, or form. And this is right up there with The Human Equation as the best Ayreon album, but just like every Ayreon album, and honestly every Arjen album, the cheese is what keeps it from being in my top albums. Musically, lyrically, songwriting wise, all stellar, but overall, great, but not perfect. I still love it. Fantastic Progressive Rock and Metal.


74.) Joe Satriani- Unstoppable Momentum

A lot of people even forgot that Satch put out an album this year. It is a stellar album for Satch, but just like any album he does, its only good in small doses. Nothing against one of the best damn guitarists in the world, but it does get samey after a while, but in those small doses, it's worth it.


75.) Newstead- Heavy Metal Music

This is a so-so album at beast. I love Jason Newstead, but half of this album is fantastic and half of it is very boring. Jason sounds just like Chuck Billy on every song, which to me is actually a plus, but only roughly half the album makes the cut. if he had made two EPs, or better yet, just stuck with the one, it would be regarded as a very damn good EP this year, but as a full album, just listen to a few tracks and move on.


76.) Scar The Martyr- S/T

Scar the martyr features Joey Jordison, Jed Simon and Kris Norris making what is essentially Early 2000s Nu Metal done in 2013. The difference? It actually sounds good! It's very industrial and sometimes thrashy, but the Nu Metal sound is very prominent. It's rare to find an album like this I can actually enjoy all the way through, but it has been done here. Bravo guys!


77.) Spiritual Beggars- Earth Blues

Ah, Swedish Stoner Rock is back. Spiritual Beggars is always one of those bands that any stoner rock fan could enjoy and not get bored with. Earth Blues has a heavy Deep Purple vibe throughout, which again is a very good thing, giving the band a new dimension to their sound. An album that many people missed out on, or forgot about, hopefully this review makes you check it out for some awesome music.


78.) Monster truck- Furiosity

Monster Truck is carrying on where Clutch has done since their Blues Roots albums. It's heavy and bluesy at the same time. Almost in a sense they can be the latter day Canadian Clutch. It gets a bit samey after a while, but if you enjoy the genre, you will love these guys.


79.) Christopher Lee- Charlemagne: The Omens of Death

This is either the worst Power Metal album of all time....or the best. I can't decide.


80.) Deicide- In the Minds Of Evil

Deicides Best album to date, it slays. Every song kicks your ass from beginning to end. And if you are like me where the lyrics don't matter, it doesn't feel cheesy, just heavy and brutal. Deicide, despite all the trouble going on in both camps, you have put out a killer album.


81.) Artillery- Legions

Ah, Danish Thrash, is there anything sexier? Well German thrash of course, but still, Artillery is a killer band. And Legions is no different, just in your face Thrash from beginning to end with no end in sight. If you haven't heard of Artillery, you are really doing yourself a disservice by not checking them out immediately!


82.) De Arma- Lost, Alien, and Forlorn

Some more Atmospheric Black Metal, mixed with Post Rock, with at least decent production. The songs on this album are brilliantly written and really grab at the heartstrings. Like the album title suggest, it is depressing but in a good way. Give this one a fair shot, it's absolutely worth it.


83.) Shelter Red- The Split Sabre

Instrumental Progressive Metal done in a non-traditional way. This is not your average Prog band. they are much heavier and more focused on writing songs than on writing time signatures and scales. The music does all the talking on this album and no vocals are needed. Just killer music all the way through.


84.) Starkill- Fires of Life

The best way I can describe Starkill is a mix of Dragonforce and early day Children Of Bodom. its very fast and heavy and lost of power behind it all. Originality wise, not so much, but the music on its own is very good and worth checking out for any fan of the genre.


85.) Masterplan- Novum Initium

Hardcore fans are not a fan of this album, but those who do enjoy anything about Masterplan will find something to love about this album. its a fun listen, as Power Metal usually is. Afterall, it's Masterplan! You get what you pay for.


86.) Feed Her To The Sharks- Savage Seas

Australian Metalcore. These guys would be fantastic if it wasn't for one thing that is overly used on this album that Deathcore, Industrial, etc keep using way too much lately....BASS DROPS. If you take that away you got one of the best underground Metalcore albums of the year. but those damn Bass drops ruined most of it for me.


87.) Pelican- Forever Becoming

How is no one talking about this awesome album at all this year? Pelican again outshines themselves with another stellar album. Instead of the last few releases of going more Poppy and song structured. Pelican went back into the dark angry sound that makes them that much more enjoyable to listen to. Some may not say this is their best work, but damn it is close.


88.) Vhol- S/T

A supergroup of Atmospheric, Sludge, and Doom Metal musicians have made a lo-fi masterpiece. Much faster than all of their main bands combined. This album showcases how versatile all these guys really are. There are no real ways to describe it without just listening to the album, so that is what I suggest, get on this!


89.) Reign Of Lies- The New Empire

The only thing this album lacks is perfect production. Otherwise this is a killer Groove Metal album. I found out about these guys when they opened for Melechesh and Vreid over the Summer and their bassist bought me a beer, gave me a CD and a shirt..and all I did was say that I dug their set. Now that is some fan love. Any fan of Groove Metal will love something about this album. Check it out!


90.) Black Pyramid- Adversarial

These guys have shown up for the last three years now on my list and every time they impress the hell out of me. Their brand of Sabbath inspired Stoner Metal is so damn cool. This album isn't anything out of the ordinary for the band, they write killer Stoner Metal, they don't need to reinvent the wheel, they already mastered it.

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