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Originally Posted by ezeblazin View Post
Lamb of God and Killswitch killed it.

The crowd was lame for Testament though. The pits were dead for a good portion of the set, leaving room for the hardcore dancers to do their nonsense. I'm can put up with with hardcore dancers at hardcore shows, but seeing them in a Testament pit and not getting put on their asses was a damn shame.

Oh and what Chuck Billy was throwing out were mouthguards... I got myself one...hehe.
ah man, I'm glad that I didn't see the pits in detail, because that BS of the hardcore "dancers" might have enraged me enough to go in and try to do what must be done (but probably end up battered).

ah I ddi see those mouthguards at the merch booth- whose bright idea was that? I can't imagine many MMA/footballers/hockey goons there would would have gotten them...
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