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Jon Oliva -- Akron, OH -- December 7th, 2013

Date: December 7, 2013
Band: Jon Oliva
Venue: Ripper's Rock House, Akron, Ohio
Tour: Storytellers

I couldn't have asked for a better concert on my birthday. This was my first time heading out to Ripper's Rock House. It's a pretty nice venue. Drinks are cheap enough. The venue had Dio memorabilia everywhere, which was quite excellent. Ripper wasn't around during the show, but he was in the bar for awhile before things got started. According to some of the dudes I was standing near during the show, Jon Oliva was hanging out at the bar in the early evening too.

There was only one opener, and Jon went on around 9:30. The set was about the same as others got, except "Child in Time" was dropped. The show was a lot of fun. Jon told a lot of great stories, and it was just an intimate, casual sort of experience. Jon went straight from the stage to the bar when he was done, so I finally got a chance to meet him. That was definitely a lot of fun


1. Father Time (Oliva)
2. Ten Years (Oliva)
3. Out on the Streets (Savatage)
4. Lady in Disguise (Savatage)
5. Summer's Rain (Savatage)
6. Jesus Saves (Original "DT Jesus" Version) (Savatage)
7. Strange Reality (Savatage)
8. New York City Don't Mean Nothing > (Savatage)
9. Tonight He Grins Again (Savatage)
10. If I Go Away (Savatage)
11. Hey Bulldog (The Beatles)
12. Miles Away > (Savatage)
13. Sleep (Savatage)
14. All That I Bleed (Savatage)
15. Look at the World (Jon Oliva's Pain)
16. Walk Upon the Water (Jon Oliva's Pain)
17. Fly Away (Jon Oliva's Pain)
18. Handful of Rain > (Savatage)
19. Stare Into the Sun > (Savatage)
20. Castles Burning (Savatage)
21. Chance (Savatage)
22. Alone You Breathe (Savatage)
23. Someone/Souls (Jon Oliva's Pain)
24. Can't Get Away (Oliva)
25. When the Crowds are Gone (Savatage)

The setlist was the same as other shows, although the "Child in Time" cover was dropped. It was on the set list for the night, but it was not played.

2/24 - The Foundry

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