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Originally Posted by JRA View Post
You're the first person I've heard call Surgical Steel mediocre.

Blessed Black Wings is a great album that everyone should own, but all three albums that came after it are better.
I don't know about all that. The album which makes the best play at being better is Snakes, followed by Death and then De Vermis, which definitely isn't better than Wings.

...and the most I'll give on the statement about Surgical Steel is that it is mediocre by Carcass standards. It's still a pretty damned good record, but Carcass can do better, and it certainly isn't one of the best albums of the year. Every time I've seen it rated in the top ten on a 2013 year-end list it just boggles my mind. What, just because it's Carcass and it doesn't suck that makes it a lock for top ten? That's a bit weak if you ask me.

Originally Posted by John The Drummer View Post
*One final hoorah
I buy far too many albums all year, BRO.... go look at my CD collection in that thread :p

Slayer - Yeah, sure, prolly mediocre, but the only one I've never heard, and it was only about $6

Carcass - It was cheap and used, and it kicks ass.

HoF - They aren't my cup of tea, and this was used and I figured I'd check it out since a lot of people love them.


...and NiN sucks! *drops microphone and walks out door*
Somebody doesn't understand sarcasm, nor The Nat's sense of humor.

...and NiN does not suck. Even people who don't like their music can get with the fact that Trent Reznor is a fine musician and artist.

You just don't like them, probably because they're not metal. I get it, but you're wrong. It's OK. I ain't mad atchya.

EDIT: Oh, and I misunderstood because you typed "finally" instead of "final", which would have made your point clear. When you say "finally" it makes it sound like you hadn't bought anything in a long while.
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