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Artillery - Terror Squad - April 24, 1987

My mother always told me to never judge a book by its cover, and seldom has this advice been more valuable than when listening to Artillery's sophomore effort, Terror Squad. Terror Squad's cover is utter shit, apparently supposed to be an artist's rough draft, but the music contained within is some pretty strong thrash.

Artillery's second full-length builds on the strengths of their first -- fast and heavy with Flemming Ronsdorf's incredibly charismatic vocals providing the storyline -- how can you lose? You can't really... the album does start to take a bit of a dive towards the end -- there are still solid tunes to be found, but they're just not up to the level of the first four songs which probably rank as one of the better album sides in thrash metal history. At the time of it's release, Terror Squad was one of the absolute best European thrash records, and it still holds up -- cover not withstanding.

Standouts: Terror Squad, The Challenge, Let There Be Sin

Score: 8/10
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